There are some tell-tale signs that your rain gutters aren’t working properly leaking gutters, sagging or hanging gutters, poor drainage, and rusty gutters. These issues usually start off small and then turn into much larger problems over time. Keeping your gutters in tip-top shape ensures continued, effective protection of your home’s siding, flower beds, and foundation. Summit Roofing and Gutters provides gutter replacement and repairs to keep your gutters in tip-top shape while continuing effective protection for your home's siding, flower beds and foundation.

Rusty Gutters

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If your gutters are rusting, it’s likely you have galvanized steel rain gutters. One of the many benefits to seamless aluminum gutters is that they do not rust. Rusty gutters are not just unsightly, they aren’t capturing and displacing rain water properly, and trying to repair galvanized steel gutters is often a losing battle. Summit Roofing and Gutters in Denver will evaluate the condition of your rusty gutter problem and provide you with a gutter repair or gutter replacement recommendation based upon the prognosis.

Leaking Gutters

If your gutters are seamless aluminum, it’s possible that they simply need a little basic maintenance in the form of cleaning and resealing. It’s important that all debris is removed from the gutters, which can sometimes be as simple as a rinse or as involved as removing the downspouts.

Falling Down & Sagging Gutters

If rain gutters are loose, sagging, or falling down, it may be from one of the following causes. One reason gutters sag is when gutter spikes start to come loose. As the seasons change, the movements of the gutters caused by changing weather hollows out the holes where gutter spikes have been inserted. As the spike’s grip on the fascia begins to loosen so will your rain gutter installation. Summit Roofing and Gutters will evaluate the condition of your gutter system support mechanisms and provide you with a repair or replacement recommendation based upon the prognosis.

Do You Have Hail Damage?

Hail damage to gutters is typically easy to see, but only if you know where to look. The effects of hail on rain gutters can be seen in the form of dings or indentations. Unless the hail has punched holes in your guttering, which is possible, hail damage affects the look of the gutters more than the functionality. However, every homeowner should be aware that home insurance companies will pay for replacing gutters as well as roofs that have experienced hail damage. Let Summit Roofing and Gutters evaluate your gutter hail damage and prescribe the best course of repair or replacement if necessary.


Leaking and eroding gutters will only provide damage to your home. Instead of keeping the debris away, a broken gutter may displace rainwater and allow harmful elements inside your property. When any of these happens, it is important to replace your gutter as soon as possible.

Summit Roofing and Gutters provides gutter replacement and gutter repairs in Denver, Colorado. We offer quick solutions to rusting, leaking, and sagging gutter systems. We understand the inconvenience caused by a broken gutter, which is why we offer services that keep you worry-free.

When replacing gutter systems, our company only uses seamless gutters that are available in copper, aluminum, and steel. Apart from the variety of materials, we also provide a selection of colors that will match your property’s design.

Forget about gutter problems and call Summit Roofing and Gutters today. We will be happy to provide a quality gutter repair services in Denver.